Tuesday, October 09, 2007

UK - September 2007

Still reeling from the blow of having my runny cheese confiscated by airport security at Charles De Gaulle airport (take note, turophiliac jet-setters) we left London for the Norfolk countryside, where Marianne and I stayed with Jo and Richard Ludbrook - who cajoled us into singing in their choir at you know yet another cute 12th century church, St Johns, Rushford, with the promise of wearing robes. So there we were: the Sunday morning service, wearing red robes - looking unusually sacerdotal - and shuffling through reams of scores. There was barely a moment when we weren't singing: hymns, responses and a beautiful Christopher Tye anthem - until it was time for tea and biscuit with the vicar.
Back in London, I also caught up with two ex-band chums: Mike Fullarton and Steve Hemmens were the drummer and bassist respectively with MAMMAL back in 1970-71, and they're more fun to be with than ever.

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JoeyJoJo said...

Great to see those uncrushable robes being put to good use on two uncrushable personalities. We've only just managed to get rid of the smell of the stinking bishop.....the cheese was pretty stinky too. xxx