Friday, February 02, 2007

Summersong 2007 report

• Of course, there was, as fun and funky as always, SUMMERSONG, where I got to play a lot of electric guitar and bass, torture my classes with Beach Boys (God Only Knows), Palestrina (O Bone Jesu) and the Gospel Writers (Oh My Lordy), and hang out with inspiring chums, old and new. As well as teaching two a cappella classes, I ran a short session on song arranging, and ran a men’s chorus every day (the latter sang Fire Down Yonder and Thapelo). And you know, this is one of the most fun events on the planet - surf, tea-tree lake, 3 square meals a day and wall to wall music with people as fun as Kristina Olsen - thanks to Alison, Kristina, Pamela and Troy, Te Ua, Luciano, Carl and everyone - hope to see you all next year. (You can see a phonecam snippet of one of the a cappella classes singing Oh My Lordy on Te Ua’s MySpace:

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